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Visual Artist Serine Sinding Yde works with readymades and small objects that she takes out of their usual context and put into a new story. Things and objects are rotated, camouflaged and are used as parts of collages and installations. Its fragments and stories from everyday life that interests her and that she recreates with humor as keywords.
Serine Sinding Yde has previously exhibited in Denmark.


Billedkunstner Serine Sinding Yde (Dk) arbejder med readymades og små objekter, som hun tager ud af deres normale kontekst og sætter ind i en ny fortælling. Ting og objekter omrokeres, camoufleres og indgår i collager og installationer. Det er fragmenter og historier fra hverdagen, der optager hende, og som hun genfortæller med humor som nøgleord.
Serine Sinding Yde har tidligere udstillet i Danmark.